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Welcome to Loliz Foundation Unleashing
Genius in Everyone.
We inspire. We motivate. We ignite the ingredients in you and work with you to help you appreciate that “GENIUSES ARE NOT BORN BUT MADE” with focused hard work, sacrifice.
“There are no super-humans, just humans, and what one man can do, another can do.” – Andy Frisella
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Iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another
( Prov 27:17)
“No One ever makes is alone, Find someone to help you” John Mason.
People need people to unleash their potential
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WO 4 WO Women for Women
Wo4Wo is a women forum where Women impact Women in all aspects of our womanhood as working women, wives, mothers, and women with a purpose. , Wo4Wo aims at bringing the best in very woman and enhancing their holistic well being About WO4WO

Our Vision

Building a brighter future together

Mission statement

To give our clients unbeatable value...

Our Aim

To make our client become their own success stories .
Welcome to Loliz Foundation the Genius in Me

Genius in Me
Motivational Speaking
People Empowerment
Psycho-social Support

Combine Knowledge

Psychologists  to  Bring you rich experience 

Qualification Skill

and experience of the founder spanning over many years.

Psychosocial Master Trainer

Counseling Psychologists  to  Bring you rich experience and services in the following fields.

Loliz Foundation


The Genius in Me program is set to evolve into ‘One Stop solution Centre’ for people for Building different people with different mental, emotional, social, career and financial needs.
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We are working harder every single day to make sure we unlock the potential

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Genius in me

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Genius in me promotes thinking, Imagination and Creativity.

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