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Retirement planning

Genius in me Retirement Planning

Are you retiring soon and are worried about how to venture into the world unknown?
Retirement comes with sudden career change and requires a lot of health, financial and psychosocial adjustment.
It is associated with health deterioration, lack of self-identity, social exclusion and loss of regular income among others. This can be depressing and terrifying indeed, unless of course, you already did proper planning beforehand.

Unfortunately most retirees do not retire by choice. There are many that get laid off! The Genius in Me Uganda Team, will help you to design an effective retirement plan. For retirement support, contact us and let’s help you retire like a Genius!

Stakeholders Psycho social support Partnerships

LOLIZ Foundation is very actively engaged with various stakeholders in the prevention, control and mitigation of HIV and AIDS pandemic in Uganda.

We have been providing psycho social support and a range of other services to individual HIV/AIDS cases and groups.

Our partnerships with other local entities such as the AIDS Information Centre (AIC) have provided us with incredible capacity in the fight against the disease and to mitigate its effects among the many Ugandan victims.


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LOLIZ Foundation- Uganda is a not for profit Non-Governmental Organisation working in Uganda since 2020. Our Head Offices are located a Namugogongo, Kira Municipality

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