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Relationship and Family

With our hearts and Minds, We strengthen people’s hearts and Minds

Man is a social animal and thrives on harmonious relationships; anything beyond this creates unhappiness, conflict, depression and burnout. Poor relationship affects productivity at work workplace, disharmony in the family and can be a root cause of job loss, violence, family breakdown and things of the sort. At The Genius in Me Uganda, we help you to deal with professional , work-based, family, and social problems to enable you live a more fulfilled productive harmonious life and to thrive well in your family , workplace and society as a whole.

Our team of professionals will help you rekindle your relationships at the workplace, in the family, with your friends and a partner. Contact us for any professional help.


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LOLIZ Foundation- Uganda is a not for profit Non-Governmental Organisation working in Uganda since 2020.Our Head Offices are located a Namugogongo, Kira Municipality

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