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Our Children our Future


The Genius in Me is one of LOLIZ Foundation’s high profile projects, formed in 2017. It is aimed at empowering parents, teachers and care-givers about how to bring out the best in our children in order to enable them manifest the best versions of their lives and to unleash their potentials for greater horizons. At The Genius in Me, we believe all children have what it takes to ‘make it big’ in life, given proper nurturing and environment. The project aspires to work with the children and significant stakeholders to act as change makers in making children realize their inherent dreams and holistic wellbeing.

Psychologist JB Watson; the father of Behaviorism Theory once remarked; “Give me a dozen healthy infants and I will train each one of them to become any type of specialist I might select- doctor, lawyer, artist, business tycoon, thief and yes beggar, regardless of his talents, abilities, vocation, race or ancestry

This means that the environment we provide for our children has a big role to play in who they turn out to be. If we want our children to have a sound future, then we must provide supportive nurturing environment for them to grow and flourish in all aspects of their lives (intellectually, behaviorally and spiritually).

We teach children to develop habits and that make them learn better, we must expose them to brain enhancing exercises that challenge them to use their imaginative powers, creative skills and thinking abilities in problem solving. This is where we come in. The project engages stakeholders especially Children Care Givers (Parents, teachers etc) to design strategies and to create a nurturing environment for our children, hence our slogan: ‘Our Children, Our Future’.

Our aim is to sensitize and empower children especially girls to look beyond the common gender stereotypes and roles, that have, for a very long time crippled their creativity, limited their ambitions and generally put them at a disadvantage as girl children. We educate girls and boys to believe in themselves and to become changer-makers and pacesetters! We believe that with right inspiration both boys and girls can be motivated to work towards making an equal contribution to the socio-economic transformation of themselves, their communities, the nation and Africa at large. We strongly believe that with proper nurturing and mentorship of our children, not even the sky is the limit!

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LOLIZ Foundation- Uganda is a not for profit Non-Governmental Organisation working in Uganda since 2020.Our Head Offices are located a Namugogongo,Kira Municipality

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