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Genius in me – Talent challenge

The Genius In Me Talent Bash

Everybody is endowed with great talents but many people die with their talents undeveloped because they never get to discover them and the few who do lack the space to develop and maximize their potential depriving humanity of the benefits associated with those talents. The Genius in me program promotes talent development among youngsters because it enhances children creative thinking and practical skills which is vital is enhancing the genius in our children.

“Everything great begins as somebody’s day dream put into action”

Below City Parents Primary school display their creative talents during the Genius in Me symposium held at Amphie -Theatre – Kitante Primary School- Uganda in July 2017

At Genius in me Uganda, we believe there’s no genius without talent. An incredible Talent display talent - By City parents primary School – Uganda
Talent Bash Purpose Bash Targets Promotion

The purpose of the talent bash is to display the different talent children possess and to encourage others to begin to think creatively and believe that is other can do it, they too can do it and even better. Its LOLIZ unique way of promoting the genius project in every child.

The talent bash targets school going children and aims at empowering learners to identify and develop their talents early in life as a strategy for genius development. Below City parents kids display their talent during the Genius in Me symposium held at Kitante primary school Amphie Theatre in July 2017

LOLIZ promotes both individual and group based talent which in an opportune moment will be displayed for public viewing in The Genius in Me Talent Bash.


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