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Genius in me project

The “Genius in Me” project

LOLIZ strongly believes that many people have natural potential but only less that ¼ of it is used. Why because maximization of potential and harnessing ones genius was not taught , They ended up finishing school going to work without knowing there’s a spark genius in them. They remain operating below their genius zone because people are what they think about all the time. Secondary people are not maximizing their genius potential because they don’t know how- why homes, schools, universities all don’t teach how to be – They indoctrinate. Lastly a vast majority of the minority highly educated Ugandan think they are already geniuses because they think they are geniuses already, attribute this to the high academic scores and the 1st class degrees they attained yet are at achieving much wither super grades in school which is not genius at all. LOLIZ believe that these people need help to know how to use the power inside their mind and heart to create the different aspects of their life. To use their thoughts, ideas, talents, imaginations wishes and hopes and dreams to create, form and shape the kind of world where the operate at the very highest productivity benefitting themselves and mankind as a whole. We are who we are today because someone helped us become the success story we are today. Someone equipped us with knowledge and skills, someone helped us to discover our strengths and improve on them, someone helped us to live more focused lives, someone helped us to think about the potential we possess and maximize it to achieve the highest version of our selves. Someone showed us the way through coaching and mentorship. Someone inspired us and provided conducive environment for our holistic growth and development, someone stood out as our role model, someone commented on the potential they saw in us and ignited spark for self-discovery that resulted into who we have become. Genius in me project is here to serve humanity especially the youngsters bring out the best in them to operate at their genius zone in order to benefit themselves and humanity as a whole. BY allowing LOLIZ to serve you, you will have opened doors designed to bring out the best in you, to manifest you potential to explore the genius in you and use it to become your won big success story – the genius that God created you to be. Welcome to LOLIZ foundation the GENIUS IN ME Project.
Talent Bash Purpose Bash Targets Promotion

The purpose of the talent bash is to display the different talent children possess and to encourage others to begin to think creatively and believe that is other can do it, they too can do it and even better. Its LOLIZ unique way of promoting the genius project in every child.

The talent bash targets school going children and aims at empowering learners to identify and develop their talents early in life as a strategy for genius development. Below City parents kids display their talent during the Genius in Me symposium held at Kitante primary school Amphie Theatre in July 2017

LOLIZ promotes both individual and group based talent which in an opportune moment will be displayed for public viewing in The Genius in Me Talent Bash.


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LOLIZ Foundation- Uganda is a not for profit Non-Governmental Organisation working in Uganda since 2020.Our Head Offices are located a Namugogongo,Kira Municipality

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