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Our education system has for a long time been so academic oriented. It focuses on equipping learners with a lot of facts about different subjects being taught in school. Learners and students are pampered with a lot of factual information , given a lot of notes , they are taught on ridged school programs , told what to do at any given time by different that in the end they are left with no other time for self-discovery, independent thinking , creativity and imagination which form core elements for one’s intellectual development. The routine is so rigid that it rarely offer learners time for exam preparation except to cram and regurgitate the facts during exams. Depending on their scores they are categorized and in some cases streamed according to high perfuming, (Bright class), mediocre and or dull.
Genius in Me Uganda thinks this is not teaching but indoctrination because teaching is largely characterized by telling learners what to do, what to believe. There’s need for schools to integrate interventions that create a strong foundation for children’s intellectual development and this can be achieved by going back to the fundamentals; by teaching children how to think, how to be imaginative, how to be creative and how to set goals for things that they are passionate about though well through career guidance programs. Without these deliberate integration, our education system will keep producing academic giants scoring “As” & first class degrees but when they are “professional dwarfs”. Who cannot apply knowledge acquired for a given job situation
As activists, we intend to engage and trigger a discussion with responsible stakeholders in policy formulation. For example, we engage with our Education Sector, the Civil Society and Development partners to recognize the need for developing a cariculu that promotes both intellectual and talent development for the benefit of all humanity.

We propagate and advance the notion that learners identify their passions early in life and come up with innovative approaches and strategies to achieve them in order to manifest their highest potentials. Such an approach will go along the way in shaping the genius of the African child. A curriculum that will teach children to become assets to themselves, family and the nation at large. And to groom a society of students, who’s potential cannot be merely measured by the standardized examinations.

Talent Bash Purpose Bash Targets Promotion

The purpose of the talent bash is to display the different talent children possess and to encourage others to begin to think creatively and believe that is other can do it, they too can do it and even better. Its LOLIZ unique way of promoting the genius project in every child.

The talent bash targets school going children and aims at empowering learners to identify and develop their talents early in life as a strategy for genius development. Below City parents kids display their talent during the Genius in Me symposium held at Kitante primary school Amphie Theatre in July 2017

LOLIZ promotes both individual and group based talent which in an opportune moment will be displayed for public viewing in The Genius in Me Talent Bash.


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LOLIZ Foundation- Uganda is a not for profit Non-Governmental Organisation working in Uganda since 2020.Our Head Offices are located a Namugogongo,Kira Municipality

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