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Motivatonal Speaking

One of the gaps in our education system is not helping graduating students   joining  work force learn how  to set tangible life goals and come up with clear targets that can help them achieve greatness.  Many people after graduating hit the world of without clear targets they are working towards.  They spend a lot of time as wondering generalities hopping from one job to another, one place to another,  too busy doing nothing  and end up going nowhere because   they  have no clear  targets to achieve.   As result many people develop self-limiting beliefs which compromise their ability to manifest their potential  and extinguish their desire for success.

Our goal of motivational speaking is to create platforms where people can be inspired to cultivate their genius by tapping into their unlimited mental powers in order to unleash their capacity for maximum productivity, talent development and creativity in order to maximize their potential and be able to operate at the highest versions of themselves.

Many people are hungry and thirst for motivation – to get outside the box but don’t know how. They are professionally stuck!  They don’t know what to do to propel their lives forward.  They   want a solution to life huddles but don’t know where to go to get inspired to take fundamental and proactive decisions to achieve great success.

At The “Genius in Me” Uganda, we speak to address our client’s fears doubts and inferiority complexes.  We give clues on how to unlearn negative emotions and self-defeating behaviors and become unstoppable by getting out of their comfort zones and stretching their unlimited brain capacity to become whatever they want to be.    Through our motivational speaking, we help people overcome their ‘Comfort Zone Syndrome’ that kills ambition, desire, determination and creativity and enable you cultivate the genius in them to maximize their potentials.  We push our clients inside themselves where they can identify their unlimited abilities talents skills that can be used to design their dream world. We teach our clients the value of hard work and how it beats talents where talents fails and acknowledge that success will not come on a silver platter.

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