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Genius in Me (GIM) Activisms

The African education system is so teacher centered that base their teaching schemes of work on the already predetermined educational curriculum to derive relevant materials to teach learners and students.  The system gives teachers supreme powers during the teaching process and while delivering the material they are perceived as gods learners are only allowed to ask question where they have not understood but not to challenge a given concept or even add what they feel a but a subject in question.  This has been the case right from the indigenous informal education system where parents assumed the superior role and kids played the inferior role during informal education where  children were not  allowed to voice their opinions on  issues being discussed because they  believed that children were  to be seen not heard.  This traditional and current academic systems that is s teacher centered   does not nurture the development of genius potential in children.

And why activism

There’s need for paradigm shift from teacher centered approaches to learner centered approaches of education.

The curriculum should be redesigned to embrace creative teacher learner approaches which allow learners and student to participate actively in the learning process – To give opportunities to learners to identify their passion project sans work on them early enough with the support of the teachers

Because teachers paly bit role in implementing the new curriculum, there’s need for ministry of education to plan for continuous professional development trainings for teachers so as to update them od new developments because education evolves, learners needs evolve with advancement in technology  There’s a need to re train all teachers on improved teacher learner skills where learners are given projects to work on .

The genius in me activism project believes we are what we know. In the context of the genius in me, many of us have not been exposed to this word and this limits us to stretch our genius muscles to get to the top or our creative abilities, our skills and talents which are the mental fabrics required for us to perate at genius level.

Loliz’s personal Story

Growing up I had never heard of the word genius. Throughout my primary secondary and college and university days, no teacher, no lecturer, no supervisor ever mentioned the word genius and therefore didn’t know it existed. Through my career as a teacher, social worker psychosocial trainer, I used comments with student and trainees that were limited to what I knew.  “Good perfuming student, very bright, clever, hardworking student”.  But the fact that I didn’t know the word genius didn’t mean it didn’t exist. My ignorance only served me to live a live below my potential- a mediocre lifestyle.   This is well explained but the common saying that, “if you want to hide anything from an African, put it in the book”.

My turning point

At the age or 39, while conducting psychosocial training in Nairobi, one American elderly lady, told me Lorna you are such skilled trainer, you train with passion and enthusiasm – you are Genius!  I thanked her for her complements. That night went to hotel room to find the meaning of word this lad had spoken to me “Genius”.ad there it was meaning “high talented, person with exceptionally high intelligence.  This definition count nor fit me. According to me I was an average learner, I was never on top of my class, so how could she say I was training like a genius. This word troubled me a lot.   The schools I attended emphasized more on what didn’t do well instead of reinforcing what I was good at and showing me how to improve on my weak areas. Teachers who trainers me were fault finders  to the extend that o could easily list 100 things I was not good at from their comments and fail to list ten things on wasn’t good at, I ad no reason to believe I was a genius  with greatness in me how – my parents tried to praise my  social qualities . The only person who had ever praised me and made me feel valued was my husband and I guess that how he won heart.

Long story short, started reading about what genius is from different writers, blogs websites, psychologist, teachers and great thinkers themselves. The bottom of my person study established that genius in not only limited to a few 2-5% of the population but is available to all of us. The major thing that has and continues to kill African genius is the unfavorable and school environment which in many cases hasn’t nurtured spark of genius in most of us hence leaving us de-geniuses.  Because how can you even astute what you don’t know exist.  Having read about what genius is, I started Thinking, meditating and operating like a genius and it from this perception that the genius in me project  was birthed A project dedicated to  educating  young people appreciate that there’s genius in them waiting to be unlocked. A project dedicating to ensuring schools and education curriculum embrace project t that train children how think, how to be creative, how to sharpen their multiple talents and identify their passions at a young age which can form affirm foundation for their future career choice.  To enhance school  that they each possess great ingredient required    operating like a genius, thing like a genius, setting targets and working on them like a genus This is the reason someone must come out and advocate for the manifestation of the African genius – we’re more than we have become, we can achieve much more than we are achieving, we can create more than we have so far done if only we can be exposed to positive genius stimulating school and work environment, This forms the core mandate of the genius in me activism role.

As we begin to use our minds and collective will and genius, it’s possible that education systems will not only teach kids facts and figures but increasingly teach them how to think independently, how to be creative, how to learn, what it means to be a human being, how to raise and train children to be responsible members of the society. Through genius in me activism, it possible that we can trigger a discussion that can give our kids a sense of direction and responsibility and teach them how to operate at their highest level of being.

As a Genius in Me activist, I want to engage and trigger a discussion with responsible stakeholders in our   education system, concerned educators and curriculum developers to recognize the need to revise the current academic oriented teacher centered  education curriculum  which is more indocrinative in nature   and replace it with one which   embraces different practical & innovative approaches which  will enable kids and students to   use their  brain muscles  to  think creatively, to identify their passions early in life and come up with innovative approaches and   strategies to achieve them in order to manifest their highest potential. A curriculum that will teach children to become assets to themselves, family and nation and not make some appear as a liability especially those whose potential can’t be measured by the standardized exams administered to learners at the end of every term/ semester.

Learners need approaches that bring out the best out of their potential through creative and practical approaches that challenge them to think,   to identify their passion projects, to research them to create them and to present finding to their teachers as part of creative learning process.  I believe such an approach will go along the way in sharpening the genius if the African child.  The genius in Me  activism campaigns

From the quest to learn more about genius, I realized only 2-5 % of the world population have pasted the IQ test to be regarded as geniuses. I asked my sled how will the rest of us rise to this level I decided to start this campaign through the GENIUS in me to empower as many people as I can possibly  reach in my remaining years to harness the potential they have for genius –   People are only what they have learn known or experienced .  I believe ignorance is a bad thing as long as we remain ignorant about the concept of genius in me, we shall remain poor, just because nobody told us that we possess all the ingredient to reach our highest potential in us to utilize and achieve the best version of ourselves – the genius we want to be.  This is the heart of the genius in me project

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