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LOLIZ Foundation- is a company limited by guarantee and incorporated and registered on January 25th 2018 under the companies act No 1 (2012) of the laws of Uganda. LOLIZ foundation and Genius in Me are people development focused interventions that were formed to promote personal development through various services aiming at developing, strengthening, and stimulating competitiveness, productivity and creativity required to enable our clients realize their highest potential. It also aims at enabling clients better their best in a very aspect of life by developing and maximizing their potential through targeted public motivational speaking, training, mentorship programs that aim at helping them unlock their potential and unleash their genius. As a result oriented private sector, LOLIZ foundation and Genius in Me is committed to providing a comprehensive package of services to learners ( primary secondary and university ) and working class interventions in areas crucial to peoples Holistic development ( intellectual, psychological, social, emotional). Collaborate Consulting exists to find the place where to being seemingly disparate interests meet. From that point of the connection, we create platforms. LOLIZ has got a solid vision for the future. A vision for empowering people embrace the genius in each of them in order to maximize their highest potential. We are a small but thriving company that has been operational since 2017 implementing out popular learner program; “THE GENIUS IN ME” which has reached over three thousand learners through the interschool children’s symposiums, counseling and mentorship sessions. The cross cutting messages in all clients is that “Everyone has genius lying dormant waiting to be unleashed to realize ones full potential” We educate our clients that we all possess seeds of greatness and are all designed to succeed but all this begins with self-awareness, which is one of LOLIZ program niche.
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Our Company Motto is Building a brighter future together
Our mission statement is o give our clients unbeatable value by offering high quality practical solutions to the every emerging educational, career , parenting , and personal development gaps that impede one’s one holistic development .
Our Aim is to make our client become their own success stories
Objectives of LOLIZ foundation is to motivate our clients to discover the greatest potential for self-development genius in them in order to maximize their potential.

Loliz Foundation. the Genius in Me

LOLIZ has got a solid vision for the future. A vision for empowering people embrace the genius in each of them in order to maximize their highest potential.

2nd Feb, 2018

We started offering professional assistance to working class both corporate and business people

21st Jul, 2018

Growth Nationwide among Schools

19th Aug, 2018

Helping people through out the country

2nd Jan, 2019

Focus business history on what matters to planning

22nd Sep, 2019

We are now reaching various schools & touching so many businesses

12th Jan, 2017

Establishment of Loliz Foundation

8th Jul, 2018

We positioned to offer you the first stop center where you can have a wide of services

18th Aug, 2018

Lorna has consulted with many organizations

27th Sep, 2018

Doing consultation services, business plans and development

8th Jul, 2019

We decided to start this campaign through the GENIUS in me to empower as many people as I can possibly

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